End your toxic dating patterns, reclaim your identity & begin living a life you love!


It’s discouraging, isn’t it?

➳ Wanting to experience a healthy kind of love, but feeling as though you keep attracting or going back to the wrong people

➳ Trying to stay positive & move forward, but feeling completely disempowered by your past

➳ Knowing in your heart that you were meant for more, but lacking the confidence & tools to take the next steps

If you’re reading this, my guess is that you crave change and that you are willing to do what it takes to shift the course of your life.

You want nothing more than to move forward and begin living a life you truly love…


 But you lack confidence in yourself and in the possibility of something greater for your life.



I understand how desperate it can feel to want to improve your life, but not know how.


…To want to believe in a greater version of yourself, but feel completely disempowered by your past.

Because for the longest time, I too couldn’t see this bigger vision…

I thought that I wouldn’t be able to change and that the ties to my past were too strong to break.

And after experiencing 15 years of multiple toxic relationships, I hit my lowest point after being assaulted by a man I loved and had devoted my life to. No longer was I going to sacrifice another precious moment in exchange for pain and mistreatment.

I wanted change.

Now as to what that “change” looked like, was still unclear…All I had been preoccupied with was the state of my relationship. However, during this same time period, I had applied to 1 graduate program for Marriage and Family Therapy. I figured if I got in, GREAT, and if not, oh well.

Surprisingly! I was 1 of 30 to get accepted out of 130 students that applied. And it was this moment in my life that really served as the turning point for me–Not because of getting accepted into graduate school…

But because of what this opportunity helped me see–a whole new vision for my life.

This opportunity forced me to look at myself and determine if I wanted to continue living as this version of Jessica or take another route and step into the identity of someone that people actually respected and listened to…

Someone who was accountable and led by example…

Someone who prized personal growth and believed in the same change for others…

Taking this higher route was TERRIFYING, because truthfully, I couldn’t have been further away from that version of myself and every thought running in my head was telling me I would be crazy for even trying.

Fast forward, I took the opportunity, left my painful relationship behind, moved back in with my mom and started school again at the age of 27.

This was challenging for me as most of my friends were getting married and/or advancing their careers, and I on the other end, was starting all over again…Which is something I wanted to mention here as I believe this idea of “starting over” prevents so many of us from progressing in life.

But what I’ve learned is that taking these “steps back” is sometimes necessary to not only see our lives from a new perspective, but to also rebuild a new reality for ourselves.

Since then, I have traveled the world, completed my Master’s Degree, met the love of my life and started my own Life Coaching business, helping others break free from the chains of their past and create a new story for themselves by using quick and powerful tools in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnosis and Mindful Self-Compassion.

So what exactly is EMPOWERED LIVING and how can it help you too?

Empowered Living is an 8 week 1:1 Coaching Program to help you shift your painful patterns, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that are preventing you from moving forward and living powerfully.


Week 1: Exploring Your History Of Toxic Patterns

  • In session #1, we will explore your history of toxic patterns in prior relationships by getting a clear understanding on your choice of partners, the behaviors you experienced, as well as a deep dive in your upbringing in order to find out possible roots to your current patterns today.

Week 2: Identifying Your Dream Goals

  • In session #2, we will create new and exciting goals in regards to how you want to see yourself (your identity) and the ideal relationship you would like to have. From this step, we will craft each session with tools and techniques to begin building that solid foundation you’ve been looking for and experience the love you desire.

Week 3: Healing Your Unresolved Emotions

  • In session #3, we will explore unresolved emotions that have been keeping you stuck and use different techniques to release those negative emotions and any past traumas that are consciously or unconsciously affecting you today.

Week 4: Creating Your New Identity

  • In session #4, we will eliminate any disempowering beliefs you may have about yourself and install new u0026amp; empowering realizations about yourself by using EFT, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), T.I.M.E. Techniques and/or Hypnosis to begin building your new (and improved) identity!…Because how we view ourselves sets the tone for what we experience in our reality.

Week 5: Identifying The Love You Want To Experience

  • Now that you have built a strong foundation within yourself, in session #5, we will identify the kind of relationship you want to experience and eliminate any lingering limiting beliefs you may have about having the love you desire.

Week 6: Daily Self-Love Actions

  • In session #6, we will create daily self-love actions to not only strengthen the bond we have with ourselves, but to ultimately attract people who see ourselves in the same light.

Week 7: Setting Healthy Boundaries

  • In session #7, we will further explore your boundaries and replace them with healthier one’s in order to make sure that your needs are being met, to promote assertiveness and self-respect, and most importantly, to feel safe and secure. Setting boundaries not only promotes self-love and self-worth, but it teaches others how to treat us.

Week 8: Implementation Week

  • For our final session together, we will go over any remaining questions or concerns you may have. This week will be an opportunity to implement any final strategies to support your success.

  • Eight 90 minute coaching sessions over the course of 8 weeks (these sessions occur over FaceTime or zoom).

  • Each session is geared towards your present needs and designed specifically around your goals.

  • Unlimited email support from me during our 8 week duration together.

  • Resources/homework that will strengthen the work that we do together.

  • Meditation & Visualization audios to assist you in your transformation process.

Schedule your complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call with me below in order to learn more about how this program can change your life!

Still concerned about signing up?

If you aren’t satisfied with our first session together, you can receive a full refund!

Didn’t see the results you wanted by the end of our 8 weeks together? No problem. You will get an additional complimentary 60 minute session with me in order to address those remaining concerns.

Worried about payment options? During our Discovery Call we can discuss a payment plan that works best for you.

Need extra support? In addition to our weekly 90 minute calls, you will have 24/7 email access to me. You will also get recordings of our calls in order to revisit the information discussed.

Schedule your complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call with me below in order to learn more about how this program can change your life!




By the end of our 8 weeks together, you will have…

➳ Addressed and released the negative emotions that have been keeping you stuck in your toxic dating patterns

➳ Re-established your relationship to self, leaving you feeling happier, secure, confident and at peace

➳ Moved from the identity of “Victim” to “Empowered Badass”

➳ Gained the knowledge & tools to keep you on track to your most EMPOWERED LIFE


Schedule your complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call with me below in order to learn more about how this program can change your life!

“Jessica has helped me overcome my feelings of hopelessness. I have felt stuck during the last few years, working at a job I hate but not knowing what to do with my life. I struggled a lot with feelings of worthlessness, that has come from a history of sexual abuse. Jessica helped me regain my self worth and assisted me with creating a step by step plan to achieve my goals. Her support has been so helpful.” -Judid

“I’ve seen so much improvement in my anxious habits. I used to feel debilitated from my obsessive thoughts. It would give me so much anxiety. I constantly worried about what other people were thinking about me and how I made other’s feel. My entire life I tried to exceed my parents expectations so I could get their acceptance, causing me so much guilt in my adulthood by trying to live up to these unrealistic standards. Jessica has inspired me to take more risks. I just recently came back from my first road trip alone to Oregon where I went hiking, cave exploring and even bungee jumping! It was the most amazing experience. I’m now in the process of moving out of my parents house finally.” -Monica

“In working with Jessica, I have learned to recognize and control my destructive thinking patterns. Prior to seeing her, I didn’t see the purpose in living anymore. Growing up as a homosexual in a very traditional Mexican home, I felt rejected for most of my life. These strong emotions almost caused me to take my own life. With her help, I have stopped these thoughts from running my life and am gradually beginning to accept and embrace myself for who I am. I’ve come a long way since when I first started working with her.” -Daniel

Schedule your complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call with me below in order to learn more about how this program can change your life!



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