Jessica Da Silva is a Mindset + Self-Love Coach, a former Mental Health Therapist, a blog contributor to platforms such as Elephant Journal, MeetMindful and AboutThatLookMag, creator of e-course “From Pain to Peace in 4 Weeks” and podcast host for Mindful Loving Project.

Born in the very diverse city of Los Angeles and daughter to two Brazilian immigrants, Jessica has developed a unique way of understanding the world around her. The experiences that she was exposed to from an early age has led to her multifaceted approach to life, combining both scientific and spiritual practices for healing.

When she is not helping people worldwide turn their pain into peace, Jessica spends her free time exploring new grounds through travel, taking photographs, creating videos, reading books, learning new skills and immersing herself in nature as much as she can.

Jessica’s battle for peace of mind began during her graduate studies in Marriage and Family Therapy. Freshly out of a toxic relationship and years after leaving the Christian church behind to seek her own truth, Jessica was still struggling to find inner peace and purpose.

It was through Mindfulness that she found freedom from the binds of fear.

It was through Self-Love that she learned to support herself unconditionally.

And it was through Cognitive Behavioral Strategies that she learned the tools to transform her pain into peace, power and purpose.

Now, Jessica is sharing all of her knowledge through the many educational avenues she’s created, in hopes to release people from their suffering and guide them in creating a life worth living.

Because where there’s a will, there’s most definitely a way.


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