What is 1:1 Coaching with Jessica Da Silva?

Combining Science + Spirituality + Strategy

I see you.

You’re tired of your cyclical patterns and want real, lasting change.

You want to experience more joy and freedom in your relationships, career and in life.

You want to improve your self-esteem and feel more confident.

You want to shift from self-sabotage to self-love.

You want to discover your purpose, your innate strengths and gifts.

You want to live more authentically and care less about how the world perceives you.

You want to feel connected to your higher self, those around you and the Universe at large.

You want to learn skills to not only cope with life’s challenges but thrive in midst of them.

You want to understand the source to your emotional pain and the behaviors that follow.

You want to master your own thoughts and choose which one’s that impact your life.

You are ready to up-level and be the best version of you.

I used to feel the same way.

I thought that I couldn’t change…That I was destined to have a certain life or only have certain things or forever feel a certain way. But what I later learned through my studies and working with a variety of different clients in my therapy and coaching practice is that, we are the one’s that create these self-imposed limitations, and just as we have created these barriers, we also have the power to eradicate them and generate new beliefs that actually support our happiness and the life we want to live.

Together we will…

✓ Identify your pain points and get to the root of the issue.

✓ Identify your goals and what you want your ideal reality to look like.

✓ Address your limiting beliefs that are keeping you small and preventing you from having what you want.

✓ Create new beliefs that will help you thrive!

✓ Adopt Mindfulness and Self-Love practices to help you feel grounded and confident.

✓ Develop a daily ritual for healing & awareness.

✓ Learn and implement manifestation techniques that will help you attract all that your heart desires.

So that you can…

» Feel confident and in love with yourself.

» Enjoy enriching and fulfilling relationships.

» Live with more purpose and meaning.

» Feel empowered and abundant.

» And most importantly, have the tools to forever support yourself unconditionally.


I will guide you step-by-step the entire way through.



-1:1 Coaching price is $997 for 6 weeks. Payment plans are available.

-Our sessions are 1 hour long and we meet weekly via phone or Skype.

-Each session is geared towards your present needs and will include skills & resources to help support your goals. You will also receive post call notes on each session and unlimited email or voxer support.



▷ Access to my digital program “From Pain To Peace, Power and Purpose” (Includes fully structured worksheets, informative videos, PDF lessons, guided meditations, visualizations and additional resources).

▷ Giving you the full scoop on my personal daily self-love routine that has forever changed my life and helping you to create one that is unique to you. Having a daily self-love routine is vital in supporting our happiness!

Only requirement…You must be committed to going ALL IN, doing the work, and dedicated to up-leveling all areas of your life. Please fill out the application below and I will get back to you within the next 24 hours 🙂