Confronting Our Bullshit

Just today, I was talking to a friend about my painful past. She was helping me figure out why I was having such resistance with creating my coaching program that’s centered around helping women overcome their patterns of toxic relationships.

For so long, I’ve been beating around the bush. Posting about topics that only brush the surface of what I’m actually trying to say, and it was very apparent to me that if I wanted to voice my message, I would have to come to terms with some past experiences that I would much rather leave in it’s place.

However, from doing so much mindset work over the last several years, I’ve adopted the new belief that if I wanted to change my life, I would have to take responsibility for my every word, thought, feeling and action.

This is a hard lesson to take because it makes us accountable for our entire lives! No longer do we get to put the blame on mommy and daddy or any other person that’s pained us, but now, we are taking responsibility for all of the hurt that we are currently experiencing in this moment and how we’re consequently projecting them.

Confronting your bullshit is living in the CAUSE.

It’s taking your power back by giving you a new perspective…A choice as to how you want to respond to the world.

We all have choice, and when we know this truth, it’s bitter sweet…Because on one end, it gives us control over our lives…And on the other end, we’re fully aware of our choices and therefore can no longer make excuses for ourselves in ignorance. Although truthfully, it’s much more painful to stay in the comforts of ignorance than it is to expand into a different, perhaps better version of ourselves…Because change requires work—It requires cleaning out the old and replacing it with the new.

Confronting your bullshit will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself…It might actually be fun!

Don’t be afraid to question yourself…To think before responding.

Your power lies in choice.

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