Self-Worth Does Not Equal Net-Worth

Self-worth does not equal net-worth. Assuming that your worth comes from how much material or money you’ve acquired is so wrong. 

For the last year of transitioning from being a Mental Health Therapist to running my own Life Coaching practice, I have been seeking out guidance on how to grow my business. Sadly, most of the coaching has only been teaching me how to make more money as opposed to making more of an impact.

I took the advice from these mentors, followed people that preached self-worth & money, read mostly books that spoke about wealth, charged clients an absurd amount for my coaching and guess what? Money started to become my prime focus.

We are a product of our environment.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with money. Money is a wonderful resource and I wish everyone to have so much of it, however it does have a tricky way obscuring our values…Because when it becomes our only point of focus (and it easily does), we close ourselves off to all of the other experiences and people in the world that represent things other than money.

We all have different values, and just because one doesn’t have as much money as the other, can simply be a difference in ideology—nothing to do with worth.

My grandfather worked as an anesthesiologist in Brazil. Hustled his way through school and CHOSE to serve a lower income population which meant he would earn less, not because he found himself less worthy, but because his focus was placed elsewhere–in helping those less fortunate rather than making money… And guess what? He loved what he did. 

My boyfriend is another great example of difference in principles. He makes over $100,000 a year (but would be happy earning just enough to cover his expenses) and lives out of his camper, traveling the world. Guess what? He CHOOSES to live minimally and not acquire things, NOT because it’s a self-worth issue, but because he values freedom and adventure. We are currently building our mobile home to take around the world, and I’m so excited to surround myself with people and places that will expand the knowledge I have of this life, why? Because learning is a value of mine.

It really upsets me to see people preach about self-love yet they are teaching their followers the opposite–adding to the problem we see with humanity. Self-worth is not measured by how much money you make or things you attain. Self-worth is measured by feeling good about yourself and knowing that you can have whatever it is you want…For some that may be money, but for others it can be something else entirely.

Please be-careful with what you consume.


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