Why You Need To Trust Your Unique Process To Success

I was recently told that the reason I tend to be so damn impatient is because I have an Aries rising…Now whether astrology has a say in my behavior, or whether it’s just human nature, I’m not sure…But whether you’re an Aries rising or not, I feel as though we all struggle with wishing we were already to our destination and comparing ourselves to those that seem to have “made it.”

Faith in what we can’t yet see is hard. And I believe so many of us give up on our dreams because the results seem to be so far away. We see our idols already living the life we want, and we experience a glimpse of inspiration, but then take notice in the huge gap between their success and our present circumstances.

We don’t realize that their journey to success was a process unique to them—the challenges, the traumas, the mental work that they had to overcome in order to continue persevering were all obstacles designed for their own personal evolution.

So, when we wonder why things aren’t happening for us the way it’s perhaps happened for someone else, it’s because your journey is unique to you and the steps you have to take in order to reach your goals are only yours to discover.

This is both liberating and taxing because it allows us to just trust our process to success, but it also requires us to make efforts in finding out what works (& doesn’t work) for us.

My life coaching business is the fourth business venture I’ve taken!

During college, I would import bikinis from Brazil and sell them to friends and friends of friends in my hometown. After graduating college, I started my own jewelry business and had success selling my jewelry pieces to people all around the world via Etsy and even gained interest from companies who wanted some of my pieces in bulk–But because I quickly discovered that my heart wasn’t fully in it, I stopped that business and went onto graduate school to become a Mental Health Therapist. After graduating and starting work as a Therapist for a non-profit in South Central LA, I joined a Network Marketing business on the side to make additional income. After shortly discovering that I could use this newfound knowledge towards building my own business, I decided to go into Life Coaching, which combines my desire to help people with my passion for entrepreneurship and creativity.

Now, was all of this a mistake? Was it all a waste of time? Does it end here?

Definitely not! And I’ll tell you why.

The bikini business inspired me to build my first website at 20 years old and helped me to discover how easy it is for us to create online businesses via DIY online platforms.

My jewelry gig taught me more of the logistics of business. As sales were being made, I had to learn budgeting, customer service, time management, create and sustain social media accounts and everything else that is required in properly running your own business.

Network Marketing taught me the mindset behind running a business…The importance of books as empowerment and creating an environment around you that will promote your success.

And currently, I’m pursuing life coaching, which was inspired through my undergraduate studies in Psychology, the work I did as Mental Health Therapist combined with the entrepreneurial skills I learned in my past endeavors.

And where the road will take me next, I don’t know…But it’s all part of the learning process.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. – Steve Jobs

Your journey started the day you were born. Everything that has led you up to this point has the power of working to your benefit if you choose to see it that way. Your life experiences are filled with skills, purpose and meaning. But it requires that you shift your focus from what others are doing, to what YOU can do in this very moment.

Patience is key. Sometimes it takes time in order for us to learn something that will be vital for our well-being and success in the future. Trust your unique process.

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